Letter from the Director Francisco Prieto López CEO SEGURBAN Group

SEGURBAN is an independent intermediary Agency in the granting of credit which has agreements with specialized financial institutions, all of them regulated by the Central Bank of Spain and also private capital investors in accordance with the legislation in force.

We inform each client clearly and in advance, without having to pay any amount before signing the operation. Our customers are people who due to unfavorable transitory circumstances of urgency of liquidity, unemployment, default in your payments, etc., do not have access to traditional banking.

SEGURBAN, with more than 20 years of experience, has a will to stay, and that is why we prefer not to sign an operation rather than letting the person to do so without having previously understood the operation and the risks they assume in the event of non-payment, as well as all applicable legal constraints.
In every operation we carry out a feasibility study of repayment of the loan with respect to the economic capacity of the applicant

All our customers are direct and we do not accept operations from other intermediaries.

The signing of our operations is always in notary and usually next to the customer’s home.

Francisco Prieto director del Grupo Segurban

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